Active Monday

I started the day thinking that I should make up for everything I should have done the previous week and that I should make sure that I get things done this week especially that I only have four work days.

I got to the office and I was extremely hungry. I forgot to eat breakfast because I was in a bit of a rush. I also forgot my lunch at home. No matter, I would almost always assume that people will have McDonald’s delivered every morning. I joined in and ordered a 2-piece pancake meal and pineapple juice. I would have ordered coffee but I am staying away from the caffeine stuff until I am cleared by the doctor.

The whole morning, I worked on a document. Alongside that, I scheduled a meeting with another unit for my other project. They gladly obliged. Actually, that meeting was supposed to happen two weeks ago. But, people were not in their workstations when I arrived so I went back to mine and did other stuff instead.

The meeting was short and sweet and concise. It took most of my afternoon and when I returned it was time for merienda.

The other document needs Legal issues. When I had it reviewed by the Legal Department they sent me scanned copies of a book that is related to the document. I was overwhelmed by how it was written. Why do legal documents does not make use of the period often? They are so in love with commas and semi colons. Their sentences are paragraphs long and if you read them aloud, you forget to breath.


After work, I decided to drop by MegaMall and look for stuff that I might need for the weekend. Actually, I am looking for a new pair of shades. However, as I was strolling the hallways of the mall, I came by a surplus shop and thought of buying board shorts. Looking through the other items, I also found a nice jacket! I love jackets. They are comfy and they are soft and they keep me warm. So, jacket + board shorts. After that, I was able to find my shades and then bought toiletries in the supermarket.

New shades!

I feel like I have achieved a lot today and I am happy. It’s a great way to start the week!


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