Valentine’s Day

If you don’t think about something then it won’t bother you as much. I thought that today is just an ordinary Thursday – not Valentine’s Day. Yes, some singles abhor the day. We don’t have dates. It’s either nobody asked as out or we didn’t ask some people out. With me, I am choosing not to go out.

However, it is turning out to be not the usual Thursday I know.

One, there was a long line at the terminal and it was a very long time before a van arrives. That doesn’t happen on a Thursday. Usually, I will just go to the terminal and have a van wait for me. Traffic is also horrible this Thursday.

Two, I get sweets. Well it isn’t as much as a romantic gesture but this doesn’t happen normally. Two of my colleagues brought chocolates for us. One is chocolate with mallows the other is white chocolate. What fun.

I get 12 packs with love.

Three, it took me more than half a day to publish a document. You see, this supposed expert in writing these type of documents failed me. I have to arrange her format and I have to read her sentences and, man, you would be surprised with how she made use of grammar. Sometimes I think if she is really qualified for her position or it’s just tenure that had her promoted. Thinking about that sucks, no?

Four, a Valentine’s Merienda. Actually, a merienda is not an unusual happening in the office but it is the first time that I really celebrated the day itself. The food was nothing special – pizza and spaghetti. Also, while we’re eating the bank activity of harana dropped by and sang songs. It wasn’t just me that noticed but one of them male singers was eying me while singing. I don’t know if I’ll get flattered or not.

Five, studying in Starbucks. I was never a fan. If I would study outside it would be a fast food chain because they have food. But, I don’t want to study at the McDonald’s near the sports center because it’s too crowded and too noisy for studying.

It really is not the usual Thursday. It isn’t also your usual Valentine’s Day.


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