Young Adult: Every You, Every Me

Every You, Every Me

Every You, Every Me follows the story of Evan. Evan is a high school student and he starts to discover a series of photographs that has something to do with his best friend. The plot of the book revolves around Evan’s thoughts and conscience regarding his best friend’s absence and his cooperation in what happened.

The book contains a lot of photos that are important in the plot of the story. In the final pages of the book, we are introduced to the process of writing the book. David Levithan writes the story after every picture submitted by Jonathan Farmer. Jonathan Farmer does not have any idea about what David Levithan is writing and David Levithan what type of picture comes next. I think that this is an exciting way to use the imagination and create a story based on random pictures that will be submitted to you. It is amazing that he was able to create a coherent story from all of the pictures given to him.

The book made me feel nostalgic. I love melodramatic novels and I think that this is considered one. However, I think that we needed to be indulged to Evan’s character a little bit more to ensure that we have full emotional investment in the character. I understand some of his predicaments but I think that I needed more time to make sure that we were on the same page. I understand the I am your best friend but I am in love with you, but we were not really introduced to the level of love Evan feels for Ariel.

I think that it was also a bit unreal that Ariel had a cousin that nobody knew about. It was funny how she was able to operate under the covers despite the fact that their world was so small. Evan and Ariel were considered best friends, it is a bit farfetched that Ariel did not mention Dana ever in the whole time that they were friends. That’s something a best friend would not forget to mention especially when they are in the same school. I also think that, in a way, Dana wanted herself to be found because, if not, she would have been careful with the photos she sent Evan. She could definitely be caught if the photos included her. It was, in a way, a bit more torture for Evan’s part because he knows that the stalker is someone close and knows about his usual goings.

I do have the same thoughts whenever I am in some kind of situation. I could follow Evan’s way of thinking and that is the reason why I followed the book. I do think that Evan was a bit paranoid and I think that what Dana did was over the top and not really needed.

There are two sides to a fence. We can never know what the other side is if we don’t ask and if we’re not open to asking. What I think about it is that we have different perspectives to approaching a problem. What means something to us may mean totally different to another person.


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