Daily Prompt: All About Me

The prompt said:

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

This would be easy as I have an About Me page but I will write a better version of it.

The Gozum Show.

I am inspired by various magazine shows out there. These are shows that usually have a theme for the week and would try to come up with segments that will fit the said theme. However, on this site, I will definitely not have a theme for the week but I will try to come up with different segments each and every time.

The show will be like my own memoir, my autobiography, my reviews and critics. It is the repository of everything that is me – my thoughts, my experiences, my adventures and my photos.

I wanted to be famous (who doesn’t?). And one way of being famous is to be shown on tv. If I had my own show, it will be about food and travel and literature and movies. It would have segments like A Day in A Life or Meet My Friends. And that is what this blog is trying to show to you. Only, you get less of my face and my voice.



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