Daily Prompt: Whoa!

The prompt said:

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

One of our subjects in college was Statistical Quality Control. One of our projects in that class included an instructional video that explains one of the statistical concepts we used in class. We picked the Central Limit Theorem. We picked that because it is one of the fundamental concepts of statistics and that it is the favorite concept of our professor.

So, it’s kind of being a suck-up.

We actually received an award for Best Project for that video. I am so proud of that project because I am one of the major contributors and creators of the said instructional video.

That is not the surreal part.

Just last year, we were messaged by our professor who is currently taking her Doctorate Degree in Arizona State University. In the message, she asked if she could use our video as part of a dissertation and an article for a certain journal. She said that if published, we’d be rightfully credited for our work.


I could not believe that our project in college is good enough to be included in an academic journal in the USA. I do hope that she’d get published and I would buy a copy of that journal. I was just overwhelmed knowing that our work has a chance of being published in a journal.

It is totally a big deal!


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