The Return

I am back from my semi-hiatus.

The weekend has been very busy with all the birthday celebration and hang-outs. My social life has never flourished like this in the past. It took its toll on me this week.

What am I saying?

For the past two days, I have been experiencing palpitations. It isn’t the kind that is reminiscent of something that is romantic. Whenever I am sitting down, it is all the I could feel and think about it. In the end, it bothered me so much that I have to go to the clinic and have myself checked. They said that my blood pressure is normal. They gave me drowsy medicine and let me stay in the clinic to sleep.


I have two days of sleeping in the clinic during the afternoon. That’s not the point but it is helpful that I get to sleep during the afternoon downtime. The doctor advised me to talk to cardiologist and try to have myself checked. Tomorrow, I will be going to the doctor. It was a good thing that I haven’t used my free specialist check-up from the executive check-up.

I just hope that it isn’t too serious. I just hope that it’s just an anxiety attack like the doctor suggested yesterday. Tomorrow, I will be going to work and attend a meeting then I will be going directly to the doctor in Shangri-La. I just hope that there’s a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at the supermarket after.


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