Started Ominous

Thursday morning was a bit ominous. I woke up a bit early. But, being the time a bit early, I went back to sleep again. I overslept. That was the natural thing that happened. I thought about wanting to go to work today. Since I have a deadline yesterday, I decided that I should get back to work despite the fact that my head was still pounding. Also, the deadline was a bit internal. It was a thing that I imposed on myself so that my projects would move forward.

I had a hard time moving inside the bathroom. First, the water is too cold. Second, there is an exhaust fan. I like the humid bathroom. It helps negate the coldness coming from the outside. I closed the bathroom window so that no cold air will be able to enter. But the exhaust fan was sucking all the hot air inside the bathroom. So, I had no choice but to take a bath in a very fast manner. I hate it when the water gets so icy that I feel like I am submerged in the seas of the polar regions.

Thursday morning at the terminal does not have a lot of passengers. That is expected. However, it took a long time before a van arrived. I was at the terminal at around 7 AM but I was able to ride a van thirty minutes later. That is a bit unusual for a Thursday morning. If things weren’t going the way I want them to be, it was a sure sign that there will be struggle today. But, I am now owning a new mindset. I was thinking that this is just how things turn out. I should have no expectations from outside forces. All expectation that comes from me must involve only me. So, if there is disappointment there will be a concrete person to blame everything that went wrong.

I tried to pick everything up the moment I arrived at the office. I was glad that no important email came in yesterday. Nobody was looking for me. Well, I am proud to say that everything I do has a back up. Or if people really need to find me, my colleagues know that they can answer their queries. I think that it is important that people know what you’re doing so that in the case that you are not present, they can answer the queries without hesitation. It makes for an efficient workplace. Even if you are the assigned expert on the field, you don’t leave your colleagues behind.

By the time that 3 PM stroke, I was on mental leave already. I felt like I have already given everything I could give for January. All of the energy for work was already consumed and that the weekend will replenish my stock for the month of February. January took too long to finish but the ironic thing is that 2013 has been moving too fast. Imagine, it is already on its second month. It’s just like days before when I was in Pampanga celebrating the new year.

That must be the reason that I wanted to play despite not feeling so well. Tonight, on the court, I was a bit unstoppable. I like how I played tonight. I have receive and attacks. But, clearly, I was left behind in service earlier today. I could not muster the correct amount of force to give to the ball to make it cross the net. Also, we did not have a lot of people coming tonight. So we ended early. Tomorrow is already February and I think that I have the renewed fire to combat the workload of both the office and academics.

Cheers to the end of the first month of year 2013!

My faithful servant

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