Various: Qizia

I have been hearing the name of this place from my local friends. I don’t know where it is so I am a bit intrigued. Then again, I was surprised that the place is actually near our house. We went to the place after we attended mass.


The weird thing about the restaurant is that it’s situated just behind a hospital. The funny thing is that they share parking spaces. The place isn’t so big. Maybe it could accommodate 20 tables for 6 – mostly alfresco. The air conditioned part is just very small. We had a problem getting a table because we are 9. Also, the place is so small that you’d be so embarrassed to talk so loud.

When I looked at the menu, they have the usual restaurant line up. They have pasta and rice meals and all-day breakfast meals. There were also a variety of drinks. I asked the people who have been here if the serving is big. They said, yes. I initially went for the Pan-fried Chicken. However, when I went to the counter, they have a longer menu. I was glad that I looked at it because I found a new dish to order.

Chicken Tetrazzini

You know what drew me to this dish? It’s the creamy/cheesy sauce and bacon. I forgot to ask the cashier the meaning of tetrazzini. I tried asking my sister but she doesn’t know it either. I don’t also think that this represents Italian cuisine. So, I was a bit bummed. The serving is really big! And it is filling. The vegetables have a strong butter and mushroom taste to it. Usually, you’ll get just blanched vegetables without any taste at all. Here, you could eat the vegetables alone. The rice and chicken, though, you have to eat at the same time because they will be useless individually. The chicken is cooked the style of World Chicken. However, I had some tendons in mine which is a no-no. The bacon provides the saltiness to the dish and sauce gives the thickness.

It was delicious and mind-blowing. Who could have thought of creating this dish and using bacon as seasoning. Great, great dish.

I also ordered a banana caramel pie. It must be their version of Banapple’s banoffee pie. The pie comes together and it tastes nice. I do have problems with the crust and the chocolate shavings being too hard. If only they were softer.

I think the food is great. However, the service was a bit slow. It took time to prepare our meals. I was the first one to order but I was the second to last to receive my order. Also, it takes them a very long time to respond to requests for iced tea refills. I waved and reminded them 5 times before they came with a pitcher to refill our glasses. That is a no-no especially for me.

The food and the hospitality are two of the things that will make you come back to a restaurant. I think that their food is nice based on what I have eaten and I would like to try their other dishes. They could work on the hospitality aspect, though.



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