Daily Prompt: Through the Window

The prompt said:

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

The window is like a mirror of the past.

It is a humid but windy night. It is reminiscent of the many summer nights by the beach. The leaves are swaying left and right as dictated by the wind that blows.

In a nearby house, I hear the sound of the television on. It must be prime time night for the family. I remember the times when we were all gathered around the television to watch a movie. My siblings and I have been separated long enough and there are only select moments in a year that we are all together bonding.

I see the moon in all of its glory. The cloudless sky is like a reflection of the sea. I feel like the moon is isolated from all the heavenly bodies in the universe. I suddenly thought of the time when I feel like everybody is looking at me and watching my every move. I could never imagine myself to be being the center of all the attention.

At the back of me, there is silence. It is the kind of silence that gives a calm, tranquil feeling. I went through surprisingly pleasant turn of events in my life lately. It is the kind that makes you feel like there will be nothing wrong in this world ever.

I chose to look out that window. I choose to make these feelings and memories a part of me and stay with me.


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