Unusual Sunday

It was the most usual of Sundays. The only other thing is that I woke up earlier than 9 AM. That is not a normal sight in the house because, normally, I would rather sleep in until noon. I got up and made myself a nice cup of coffee. There are a lot of people in the house because there is a church activity in the afternoon. I was in charge of preparing lunch since I am already awake. I learned that I don’t have anything to cook from the fridge. So, I just went to the local grocery and bought roasted chicken and vegetables that I will be cooking.

After lunch, I decided to watch the UAAP games because there is a crucial match-up today. It is between Ateneo and NU. Both are very hungry for a win. Ateneo because they are on a three-game losing skid and NU to solidify their entry into the Final Four. It wasn’t the game that I expected it to be. I expected that NU will put up a great fight and will threaten Ateneo’s bid to go back on track. NU lost in three straight sets. They do have the firepower but they lack the maturity and character to lessen their errors. Games could not be won with offense alone. There should be control with regard to certain skills such as reception and attack. That’s where NU is lacking.

After the game, it was time to prepare for mass.

The Nazarene is visiting.

What I didn’t know is that the Black Nazarene is visiting. I was quite surprised with the number of people present. Actually, I wasn’t able to really focus on the mass because we were worrying where everybody was. The point of the Sunday Club is to attend mass together and have some bonding time after. I just know that a lot of people are going when the usual number of people for the Sunday Club is only 5. I learned that people are wanting to go to eat out after instead of the usual McDonald’s hangout.

I am still at awe with the number of people who attended the 6:30 PM mass. I thought that the feast ended with the Feast of the Black Nazarene during the 2nd week of January. Apparently, there are so many sectors of the followers of the Black Nazarene. I think that Christians of the new century still hasn’t lost their identity as much as people try to make it seem.

Maybe it was the eve of our friend’s birthday so there is a special thing planned for tonight. It was a very eventful night of food and friendship. I could find no other way to cap off a very special weekend. I loved the food and I loved the company. I do hope that we could this more often.



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