Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

The prompt said:

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

That skill would be Project Management.

If you will notice, I have a technical approach to things. Project Management does not veer away from that. If I have some personal projects or goals that I want to accomplish, I have to make sure that I know how to approach such projects. It may also apply to life and how I live through it.

If there are things that I learned during last Monday’s workshop it is that creativity multiplied by organization creates your impact. So, even if I have these great ideas to my mind but I don’t know how to execute it, it would just be worth nothing.


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

  1. Now why didn’t I think of this one? I went for something that I am not any good at and always loved the idea of.
    I’d leave the link – but I think that’s a bit cheeky. Do people share their entries or do as I do, link back and use their own blog? (It is my 18th day out here in Blogland.)
    Big fan of daily prompt and wordpress in general.

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