Global: Uncle Cheffy

Uncle Cheffy

Uncle Cheffy in Ortigas can be found through the backdoor of the Wynsum Building. It is a dainty place that looks like a ballroom. The elevator leading to it will make you claustrophobic because of its size and its capacity.

We first tried its panizza. It’s a brick-oven baked pizza that requires you to accessorize it with greens, tomatoes and alfalfa. It’s quite a refreshing take on pizza especially with its additional ingredients being fresh. The dough had this different kind of texture that fills you despite its minimal thickness. The pizza itself was tasty especially the meat one because the meat was tender and soft. The seafood included large bits of squid and shrimp.


Our lunch included meat and fish platters. I must say that their chicken has great flavor and it was cooked well. By well, I meant that the marinated was able to seep into the meat of the chicken and it was infused of all the flavors. It was tender and the flesh can be easily removed from the bones. I was a bit disappointed with the pork ribs, though. It doesn’t seem like to have flavor at all except for the surface of the meat. That is, it tasted a bit bland to me. Also, it was too greasy. The oil overpowered everything from the meat to the marinade and to the cooking. The fish platter salvaged it for me. The salmon was perfection. It was creamy, the color was ultimately pink and the meat was so tender. There were also a lot of other stuff on the platter like tuna and cream dory.

Their iced tea is just like brewed tea but on ice. That made the lunch special.

Our afternoon snack was pasta. I really love pasta. And I must say that what they served is up to par with what I usually expect from restaurant pastas. We were first served with Pasta Alfredo. The sauce is so creamy and the bacon and mushroom bits are bite-sized so that they are not lost in the sauce. I must complain, though, that there weren’t enough parmesan cheese on our plate. I needed that small amount of kick from that cheese. There was also the Pasta Marinara. It isn’t as sour as I wanted it to be. I could barely taste the tomatoes from it. It was also a bit on the spicy side of things so I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much.

All in all, I would love to return to the restaurant. It was a nice experience especially with the panizza and the pasta. I would love to see the other items on the menu. The lunch may turn out differently the next time.


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