And the magic lives on. I have been waking up really late for the past two days and, yet, I don’t arrive late at work. It’s not that I am complaining. I am just surprised that I don’t arrive late regardless of the time I get up in the morning.

Anyway, nothing different happened at work today. Probably, the funniest thing is that I found myself napping during the late hours of the afternoon. If my new boss discovered what I did, I would probably not have work to go back to tomorrow. I slept late last night because I was taking care of Ross (my laptop). I needed to have him reformatted because he refuses to boot. I am just sad because I was not able to back-up and there are a lot of Korean shows saved in my files. I need to find a way to get them back.

The only thing that worries me today is the cold. It has been very cold lately. It’s harder to wake up in the morning and the temperature in the office isn’t helping either.

So cold.

When people ask me how I am. I answer them with “chill – figuratively and literally.”



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