Young Adult: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

What happens when you meet a person who has the same name as you? I think that it would be pretty awesome. What happens when you realize that your namesake has a totally different life experience from yours? I think that calls for something that is worth knowing and discovering.

This is the story of two boys, named Will Grayson, who had a chance (and weird) encounter. Both John Green (JG) and David Levithan (DL) created their own versions of Will Grayson and the two have a lot of similarities and differences. What I like about these characters is that I see myself in both of them. Actually, both of them has a problem with socialization. One is just too apathetic and the other is restricted by his situation / condition.

Once, I was a follower of JG Will Grayson’s philosophy of shutting up and not caring. The world was easier that way but it was lonelier too. However, as time passed by, he become more honest with his feelings and started to be more involved in the world. That did not come easy, nothing ever does.

DL Will Grayson is a bit more secretive and tends to share himself only to a select number of people. At the start of the book, he was only open to a person. That is me. I have a selected group of friends and I am as open to them as possible. To strangers, I look like a mean machine because I am not friendly at all.

Upon their meeting, the Will Graysons’ worlds changed. Because of the unfortunate event of not having the correct ID and trying to meet with a made-up person, the Will Graysons met each other at a porn store. This moment was the turning point of the book. One questions his own life principles and the other tries to open up to the world.

What makes the book work is the fact that these things to happen in real life. These does not necessarily include the actual situations but the emotions and feelings are what teens and young adults try to question themselves. Does the truth really hurt? What happens if I try to be honest with my feelings? Is opening to somebody worth it? How do we try to follow our own path?

A tandem authored book is a fun read because you’d see two things come together and create a coherent story. As far as John Green goes, I like how he portrays his male lead characters. These male leads are thinking and feeling beings who are, more often than not, the types that girls long for. As for David Levithan, I like how he varies his male characters but the common thing is that they are from broken families. This must be an inspiration to how his male leads act the way they do.

At the end of the day, though, I really think what makes this book come together is the character of Tiny Cooper. Admit it or not, he is the gayest character I have ever read and he is the glue that sticks everything together. Without him, JG Will Grayson would never be participative and DL Will Grayson would never be honest about who he is as a person.


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