The Weekend

I woke up on Saturday with a very light feeling. It was a really nice 12 hours of sleep. I didn’t have a lot sleep during the week. In fact, those twelve hours are more than my total for the week. So, who’s happy waking on 11 in the morning on a Saturday?

That is definitely me.

I prepared lunch immediately because there’s no one at home who could do that. The afternoon was spent watching UAAP volleyball games. I loved the Ateneo – La Salle match-up and it was a classic. I feel bad for Fille Cainglet, though. It must have been really heartbreaking to get an injury at that point in the game – when the team needs you the most. Also her full-roll ankle injury is just too painful to watch. It made me hold my right ankle and cringe while they showed the slow motion on television.

It made me really want to play. And play, I did.

I am so inspired by the play of Alyssa Valdez lately that I really want to emulate her form in attacking. I think that I am near that level when it comes to form. I am happy with my attacks last night. As a matter of fact, nobody came close to blocking me! There were no blockers’ touches at all. There was no stopping me last night!

The game finished at past 3 in the morning and I cam home at around 4.

I woke up on Sunday with a light feeling but a painful body. The great game last night took its toll on me. Plus, I have a bruised side. My old bruise came alive again last night. I had a wrong dive.

I did have 12 hours of sleep, though. I think that all the sleep I needed for the past week was used for this weekend alone. So, I got up at 4 in the evening and I learned that I am to prepare dinner for us tonight. I looked into the refrigerator and decided on what I want to cook for dinner. I decided on fish fingers and sauteed sayote.

I wanted the sour taste of the vegetable to contrast the saltiness of the fish. Also, we want to live healthily. Or so we think.

I want to sleep early but I wasn’t able to watch the UAAP games for today and I am watching the replays now. So, I don’t think that I’ll be sleeping early tonight.


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