Soundtrack: Les Miserables

Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack

I am looking forward to the movie so when I heard that the soundtrack to it came out, I just have to have a copy.

The roster of songs included in this album is:

  1. Look Down – Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Convicts
  2. The Bishop – Colm Wilkinson
  3. Valjean’s Soliloquy – Hugh Jackman
  4. At the End of the Day – Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Foreman, Factory Girls and Cast
  5. I Dreamed a Dream – Anne Hathaway
  6. The Confrontation – Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe
  7. Castle on a Cloud – Isabelle Allen
  8. Master of the House – Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Boneham Carter and Cast
  9. Suddenly – Hugh Jackman
  10. Stars – Russell Crowe
  11. ABC Cafe / Red and Black – Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit and Students
  12. In My Life / A Heart Full of Love – Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks
  13. On My Own – Samantha Barks
  14. One Day More – Cast of Les Miserables
  15. Drink With Me – Eddie Redmayne, Daniel Huttlestone and Students
  16. Bring Him Home – Hugh Jackman
  17. The FInal Battle – Studes and Cast of Les Miserables
  18. Javert’s Suicide – Russell Crowe
  19. Empty Chairs and Empty Tables – Eddie Redmayne
  20. Epilogue – Cast of Les Miserables

From the first look alone, I got disappointed. They did not include Come To Me (Fantine’s Death) and A Little Fall of Rain in the album. That is to consider that they have it subtitled as highlights from the motion picture soundtrack. So, does that mean that these two are not highlights when they are two very emotionally heavy parts of the whole storyline?

Another rant for me is that they cut Cosette’s part in In My Life. It is one of the major parts of the song. That song is made of three parts and they totally removed the first two. However, when I saw the song numbers from the movie, In My Life is completely separate from A Heart Full of Love. They just could not cut that part.

Anyway, the album featured the acting more than the singing. You’d feel like you’re just watching the movie while listening to the album. That must have been the reason for some song omissions. They don’t want to preempt the experience by having all excited moviegoers listen to all of the songs from the movie.

I think that most will agree that the major flaw in this album is Russell Crowe. When I first heard him sing in Look Down, I just didn’t know how to react. It’s like he has something deep inside that he could not release. I feel a bit taken aback. I expected more quality. Sometimes, Hugh Jackman’s vibrato bothers me. However, I think that he did an exceptional job as Jean Valjean.

The iconic I Dreamed a Dream was a definite goosebumps-inducing song. I really loved the part when Anne Hathaway released all her frustration in the lines “I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I’m living.” And then would go on a slow pace to finish the song. You’d really feel the anguish and desperation and frustration. Samantha Barks, on the other had, did a spectacular job with On My Own. You would hear the rain in the background which added a lot more feel to the song. Not that Samantha Barks lacked the emotion but it added a lot more to it.

Eddie Redmayne is a revelation. I wonder why he wasn’t cast as Marius in the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables. One would wonder how Nick Jonas was ever able to secure the part. I am just sad that Amanda Seyfried did not have a lot of singing exposure in this album; however, on video clips in YouTube you would be able to say that she is able to keep up with the cast. I wished that they did lower the tone the way they did the 10th Anniversary Concert. It would have made her singing voice fuller and more rounded.

This album just made me more excited with the movie. It’s a good thing that I only have a week left before I am able to see it!


One thought on “Soundtrack: Les Miserables

  1. The movie is AWESOME! Though there were some parts when there was awkwardness in their singing (speaking would have been better) and Crowe seemed to lack emotion — but it was GREAT. I watched it with my family. When the lights went back on, my parents were frantically wiping tears from their eyes.

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