Cheers to the Weekend

I went home at around 4 in the morning. There was no way that I would wake up early to go to mass and study for the whole day. Also, I don’t want to cut my sleep short because I know that I will definitely have a very good dream.

That thought may not be proven because I rarely remember my dreams or even if I have dreams at all.

I woke up way past 12 noon. That time, lunch was just being served. Great. Nothing really happened to my morning. I should have resisted the temptation to play. The sad thing was that if I didn’t play, it will be like two weeks of no play. I could just not accept that.

After all the chores, I started studying again. That was with the UAAP games on the background. By the time it was the Ateneo and Adamson, I could barely focus on studying because of the really great game between the two teams.

Coffee and donuts

At around time for snacks, my sister arrived from her lunch out with a box of donuts! Great timing. It was what I needed because I need some energy boost (or maybe, it was motivation boost that I needed).

After the UAAP games, I prepared myself for mass. I think that ever since the year started, I wanted to make it a point that I am able to give thanks to the Higher Power for the stuff he has given me for the week or for the day. It helps me appreciate all the blessings I received regardless of their magnitude.

Tonight, I plan to sleep late and finish these concepts so I can finally start with computation and stuff. It has been a great first week of 2013. There are definitely challenges but I think that I was able to handle them all without much hassle.

Here’s to looking forward to a great 2013!


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