This will probably be the most tiring and happiest weekends of 2012. That is, after Cebu and Davao weekends.

It started with Thursday. Thursday night was volleyball game night. I had a really great time because I was grouped with a team with a very able setter – the one whose balls you’d really want to hit. Now, that didn’t come out well. Anyway, I was playing right wing attacker that night and I am in my natural position. People did not just respect me and did not even try to block me. So, as a result, I killed them all with exclamation points. I was able to do a variety of shots like cross court and down the lines. I was able to kill some of the balls before the attack line. I had the reputation of being an international player then. The other skills did not come behind as I was able to dig, receive, serve, block, and set well. It was one of my best games ever. Or it was my best game ever.

When we were about to go home, they were still planning to go out. I had to go home because it was already 4 in the morning. So, when I was bidding goodbye to my friends, my crush (according to my other friend) hurried to say goodbye, too. He accompanied me to the terminal where I will ride home before he waited for a jeepney himself. It was a nice coincidence that his friends wanted to go out too and he was a bit tired and wanted to go home.

SCORE! Life – 0, Jod – 1.

Friday was a little more than what I asked for. Last Wednesday, I asked my crush (the same one as abovementioned) to accompany me on my journey to buy gifts. I took a leave from the office for a longer New Year’s vacation. I wasn’t so sure that he would come with me so when he said he did, I really felt queasy. It’s the butterflies in your stomach thing. My friends told me that it was just a combination of nerves and excitement. It was.

We should be meeting by 12 but due to the fact that we were really body dead from play the night before, it was moved to 1. He was still sleeping when I called! Anyway, it was a sweet short ride. He did the things I expected him to do. He took all the stuff and he brought all the packages that we bought. He holds the small of my back and pushes me first when ride an escalator. He was the total gentleman. And then we ate. I asked him if he enjoyed himself. He said yes and said that because we were able to buy the things we needed to buy.

HAHAHA. This might be reading too much but I wanted to say that there is no us or we. There is only me and you and the I that needed to buy the gifts. That’s just me being skeptical and all.

But, if I must be frank, I felt that the whole time we were shopping and walking, we were a couple. Especially when we were buying the stuffed toy gift at Blue Magic. It was like we were buying ourselves a pet and the looks of the staff can’t go unnoticed. I was giddy all over. The ride home was a bit more silent. I have my hand on his lap and we were listening to the same music via my earphones. We were both tired because of the same predicament. I wanted to put his head on my shoulder because he was about to doze off but that could be a bit too over the top for this.

What I liked about today is when we were looking at gifts and he would stray away from me, I’d look for him and when our eyes meet, we’ll both smile. How could anything get better than that?

SCORE! Life – 0; Jod – 2.

Also, on the ride home, we decided that we’d play with our friends on volleyball game night. When he arrived home, he messaged me that he was home and he’d see me at the game. It was just a nice gesture. As soon as I got home, I immediately wrapped the gifts me bought because I will give them to a friend. I will be coming late to our party later tonight. I finished just in time to prepare for the game.

There was like a unanimous decision from our friends to tease us. They might have known that we’re like in a groovy mood because of our actions inside the court. We were both hyper and happy. Every time we get a point we’d go to each other and give high fives. It was a really nice sight to behold. Although my game dipped tonight it was more of the company rather than the quality of things that made me happy. I was a middle blocker and he was an open spiker. There are times that we’d in front together, side by side. People were teasing us in front of our faces and I could just see his reaction. He was liking it.

At the end of the night, we were all too tired. They don’t even know the ordeal me and my crush went through today. When I was safely home, he messaged me again that he was already home and too tired to text. We bade each other good night. And that was not initiated by me. I was not even asking him to message me when he gets home. Apparently, we’re that type of people now.

SCORE! Life – 0; Jod -3.


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