My Christmas Carol

It was that cold when I tried to look for ice.

And would you look at that, my crush saw me in house clothes and I haven’t bathed. He looked so perfect in his grey shirt and pants. It is a travesty for a person to look so dirty to meet his sweet-smelling crush. It just isn’t fair. But, to be fair to the world, it probably is the best start to this Christmas celebration.

We talked. He brought up the fact that some of them are looking to go around houses and gate crashing some other people’s Noche Buenas. My house came up in the itinerary. I was a bit apprehensive but I couldn’t say no. This is my crush, for art’s sake. Who am I to say no to him dropping by the house and possibly drink alcoholic beverages. He’d see me in my natural habitat.

I said yes and we bade each other goodbye because I still have to look for ice. However, for that part, I was unsuccessful.

I immediately prepared for Christmas Eve mass. I secretly wanted my crush to be in church at that time. I really tried to listen to the Gospel and its interpretation but I am distracted by the fact that the priest kept swaying away from the topic and had a lot (of unnecessary stuff) to say. I don’t know which was longer, the length of day during winter solstice or this homily. Seriously, it wasn’t just me who noticed it. Even my sister who is as half as religious as Mother Theresa had something to say.

But, soon enough, like everything else on Earth, it ended. I had that holier-than-thou smug look on my face. I didn’t have dinner. That must have been the reason why I was a bit cranky during mass. Plus, the choir had weird arrangements for the church songs. It must have been me not attending mass at this church for a long time. Anyway, we head home.

The gate crash thing will not push through. One of our friend’s grandmother died. May God bless her soul. That friend was the one who was supposed to bring the car. So, my plan of impressing my crush with my natural habitat will not push through. Oh well, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not.

We arrive home and I learned that I need to cook pasta. What a dreadful news. It’s one of the scariest things ever. You know why? Because I love pasta. And when you love something, you make sure that you do nothing but the best for it. So, it’s either I cook it al dente or I go to hell for trying. I was guarding it like a prison cell officer. Nothing will come near it and I will know exactly the time that it will boil. In the end, I got what I wanted – the perfect spaghetti. I was not in charge of anything else so I am glad that my piece is done.

Dinner wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be. Since I was a bit hungry – not totally, I had a lot to eat. That could have beaten my all-time record of pasta servings in one sitting. The sauce was chicken marinara. We deviated from the usual spaghetti or white sauce because we’re so hipster.

After dinner, I requested to open a bottle of wine. I selected the sparkling white wine because it sounded so non-alcoholic. How could something so sparkly and white give you the buzz? I was so wrong – so, so wrong. If you must know, I have a particular weakness to alcohol. The first sip gave me the buzz. That was how weak I was considering that the wine had 11% alcohol content. I didn’t think I could continue it anymore but I wouldn’t want to waste a good glass of wine. I invited my cousin to watch Pitch Perfect with me. It was almost 3 AM then. We finished the movie at past 4 AM and I was still not finished with my glass.


I decided to just wing it and drank the entire glass. I followed up with a mouthful of water. I went directly to my room and woke up 8 hours later. The moment I opened my eyes, my nose immediately smelled the sumptuous Christmas Day Lunch.

If you must know, the family tends to be better prepared for lunch on Christmas Day because that’s when visitors come and eat. And also, it’s very exhausting to clean cutlery and cookware in the wee hours of the morning. I was eating lunch like I didn’t eat a lot pasta hours before. It was like everything I ate just disappeared into nothingness and was replaced by an empty stomach that is asking to be filled.

And fill it, I did. I was like Cookie Monster in the presence of cookies or Count Dracula in the presence of numbers. I took everything that I could. Nobody was stopping me because I think that they realized that I needed all the protein from that day’s lunch. I was just so happy that I was not in charge of cleaning up after this meal. I did that for the Noche Buena. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it after being filled like a spring roll ready for frying.

Despite sleeping for a full 8 hours, I couldn’t stand the need to sleep again. It was already 2 PM that time and I realized that I needed to go out. So, I messaged every friend within the vicinity and asked if they wanted to go out for dinner, a movie or just a hang out session. Given that I have friends who can be dragged anywhere, I suddenly had a night out on Christmas Day. Last Christmas was spent in a friend’s house then we transferred to Eastwood for a movie. Unfortunately, all the movies are filled by the time we went buying tickets.

This time, we had dinner at one of those restaurants in Katipunan. It was actually nice to have their company during this time of the year. Unbeknownst to my stomach, we were in for another gastric festival. I ordered a full meal and a slice of the apple caramel custard pie. I haven’t had food from this restaurant for quite a while and I really had a craving for their cakes and pies.  I would have wanted it for crush to be here with us. But, alas, we can’t always get what we want.

We were supposed to watch a movie after dinner but due to the fact that today is the opening day of the MMFF films, we knew that getting our hands on tickets will be farfetched. We decided to just have coffee instead. Some people still needed stickers to avail of their planners. Since we were still so full from dinner, we decided to walk from Banapple in Katipunan Extension to Eastwood City. I didn’t have qualms about it because I am a natural walker and if I could walk to a particular location, I would. Jeepneys were scarce and so were taxis so we really didn’t have any choice.

People were already worried about work the following day. When I mean people, that included me. It was still a great session with the guys. We initially had trouble getting chairs because of our number but it didn’t take long before we were able to sit. Another problem was the line for the cashier. It was Starbucks Holiday in Eastwood City that when we first arrived at the line we were outside the store.

We decided to go home at 12:30 AM because someone needed to be in the office before 7 AM. That was, fortunately, not me. I would not have slept if it were me.

Despite that disadvantage, I was still happy with how I celebrated Christmas this year. It started off with a crush, then family bonding, and then bonding with friends. Christmas could not have been better than that. It was about spending time with the ones you love and letting them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

I’ve never had this much happiness and I could just continue with looking for it within me. I have certainly achieved a higher level of appreciation with what I have and what I am. If the theme of Christmas is to be grateful for the arrival of the Savior, then I am really thankful because I thoroughly think that I have been saved from the slump that I was in. After being saved, I can only continue with living life at the present moment and being gratuitous for what I get and stop longing for what I really want. Because, frankly, I have everything that I need right in front of me.


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