Eating Like It’s the End of the World

Today is the day that the world supposedly ends – December 21, 2012. So, what are we to do but enjoy the whole day. That is, for our group, our own Christmas celebration which means “to eat” in Layman’s terms.

What is food?

That morning, we decided to have a Christmas breakfast as an alternate feast for our December birthday celebration. I asked Ma to buy the colorful puto from the local market. We also had arroz caldo, leche flan, cake, pan de sal, and various items that you can put in a sandwich.

The arroz caldo was so yummy. It had the correct combination of salt and spice. Great thing, too, that I wasn’t able to eat breakfast at home. If I did, I am screwed and I would not have participated in this feast as much as I want to.

The day was like a free day for us. I do not think that anybody was doing work today. Every minute was spent eating. And if we were not eating, we were just reading stuff on our computers or exchanging stories with one another. We went to work in our jeans which totally removed the “this is an office” ambiance.

At around 11 AM, one of our co-workers had a great idea. There were two sets of plate-bowls that nobody wants to take home. So, she said that we all pitch in and create a mini-raffle for us. It’s just funny that we are to participate in a raffle of items that we donated. It is probably one of those raffles that I do not want to win anything.

Them raffle items

People were really praying that they don’t get the bad items. There were nice ones like planners, nachos, wine, imported cookies and money. I won Php 100 and a set of post-its. That’s not at all bad considering that I don’t have use for the other items.

When lunch time came, nobody seemed to want to eat. I must admit that I am a big eater and I am not really in the mood to eat. I had a lot during the morning that lunch wasn’t considered an eating activity anymore. So, all we had to do was walk around the area for some sunlight and probably push the food we ate down our digestive tracks. When we went back to our workstations, I was able to sleep for about 15 minutes because I am that full.

And since we did not eat lunch, I was hungry again by mid-afternoon. It was a good thing that we still had champorado left and that the cake was barely touched. That was for the fact that I needed to compensate for not eating lunch.

We left for Eastwood at around 6:30 PM. And traffic was really heavy then. We learned that there was an accident in Boni Serrano that was causing all of the hold up. I ttook as around 40 minutes to do a U Turn. It was almost time for our reservation.

First time here!

I heard a lot of good stuff about this place – Sambo Kojin. That is why I am really excited for this night. Although, I am a bit apprehensive because I do not really like sushi and sashimi. Then, I realized that Japanese cuisine isn’t just about them sushi.

We also had to do our exchange of gifts there. I was so happy when I received in-ear type of earphones and with warranty! Thank you for fulfilling my wish because I am in dire need of new earphones.

I got my wish!

The challenge was for us to finish everything we got. And that rested on me. That is probably my superpower, eat everything in front of me. Well, not the sushi. I can’t eat sushi. But, in summary, there were a lot of food that I had to finish. Good thing, I am able to stretch my stomach into hundred folds.

After the meal, we went to Jack’s Loft for some drinking (which I totally did not do). We were just doing some boy watching and Eastwood City disappointed us. None. None at all.

I got home at around 2:30 AM. The world was supposed to end at 7:11 PM, our time. I guess, it just wasn’t time. But, if it did, I would have gone straight to hell for being charged with gluttony.


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