We Out

How should I describe this day?

Crazy. Steady. Stable. Infuriating. Disappointing. Giddy.

It is sort of difficult to explain. I actually don’t know myself. It was like I was back to being a floating thing on Earth.

We have developed a new type of leave in the office today. It’s called the Mental Leave. It is when you’re physically present but mentally absent. You need not file it on your DTR because you can always phase out and take your mind for a hike.

That’s how I feel lately. I just want the year to end. It’s the holiday season and I am not really in the mood to work real hard.

After work, I went pseudo-Christmas shopping. It was just a pseudo- thing because I had to buy gifts for my corporate responsibility and for the kids. The others will be given after Christmas.

I cannot stress this but I cannot wait for the year to end. It will be another day at the office tomorrow. The thing that probably helped me go through the day was the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.

We out.




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