Spontaneous Sunday Evening

Early morning in the office and I’m eating a home-cooked rice meal for breakfast.

I asked Ma to pack me some breakfast because I was running late. I woke up at 6:30 AM and that is not the time you want to wake up on a Monday.

I arrived home last night at around 1:30 AM. It was The Sunday Club on an extended session. The Sunday Club is our little get-together every Sunday. We go to mass and then we just sit down at a certain McDonald’s branch and talk all night.

It was as if we weren’t together during Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday nights for volleyball games. But, still, we do not have the chance to talk during those times.

Last night, people were a bit spontaneous. They wanted to go to a different venue and they decided on the nearest Starbucks outlet. However, Starbucks was full so we decided to go the next available spot – ZenTea. There weren’t many people and we were still able to sit down on the nice and low couches.

The one thing I really like about this new me is that I try to go over the things that once hindered me from interacting with people. I try to tell stories now. I try to have an opinion on others’. I am finally part of a group because I had something to contribute to the table.

By the time we were complete, my stomach shouts hungry. So, I asked my friends if they wanted to transfer to Starbucks and then I’ll grab a bite to eat from the nearby fast food chains. To our dismay, it was still full. And after almost 15 minutes of deciding where to eat, we ended up with Yellow Cab Pizza.


We ordered a Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza and a Chicken Alfredo Pasta. It was so filling. It was the first time I tried Yellow Cab’s Alfredo Pasta because it was almost always Charlie Chan. I was wondering why we only did this now because it is nice to indulge ourselves every now and then.

I guess our main motivation for pushing with Starbucks is the fact that my friends are collecting stickers for a planner. I am already done with mine and I have no qualms with helping them with theirs. Initially, there were only two available seats so I decided to just stand up because I have no problems with it.

We just sat there until around 1 AM when we decided to go home. It has been a productive and fun-filled evening.

When I got home, I was so full that it made me sleepy. Then again, I drank coffee. My body was utterly confused. It was wondering whether I was sleepier or more awake.


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