Musical Comedy: Pitch Perfect

Get Pitch Slapped

The movie is a story of an a capella group – The Barden Bellas. They are known for a stereotype of beautiful, gorgeous, thin women who sings only songs of women from the 80s. It has been their signature and a tradition.

It revolves around the struggle of going against the stereotype and trying to do something new. It isn’t easy to break tradition especially when it has been practiced long enough. However, if it means that rewriting history will prove to be a much better cause; then, by all means, do it.

The movie isn’t much about love but it embeds in it a love story. Jesse and Beca’s love story isn’t all too different from other love stories. They are strung together by common interests and certainly worked out the differences. It isn’t as proclaimed in the film as the focus was on the singing and the struggle to get to the top.

I loved the music in this movie. I also love the culture of a capella singing as portrayed in the movie. The have healthy competitions like the riff-off and the a-ca-initiation night. I love the mash-ups in a capella version. The soundtrack of this movie will definitely be a good buy too.

One major thing about this film is that the comedy isn’t tacky. It comes naturally in the form of Fat Amy/Patricia and the silent Asian girls. It just proves that a funny movie can deviate from the promiscuous / flirty variety and can just be from pure fun and normal every day college living.

Props to the crew for that.

Another thing I liked about the movie is how the plot could be true-to-life. They have recreated a common college drama and they did not try to complicate things by adding a lot of unnecessary plot lines. The story was straightforward, the situations were almost realistic and the goal wasn’t that impossible to start off.

The movie is recommended for people who like music and would want to have some fun. I will definitely look forward to the sequel!

P.S. I have fully-appreciated the song Party in the USA because of the movie. Congratulations.


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