Daily Prompt: Forever Young

The prompt said:

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

That is a hard question.

Without thinking, I could do with drinking the water from the fountain because it will retain the age and the body physique that I want.

However, that got me into a realization that it would not give you the sense of responsibility and protectiveness for something so important – life.

My answer will be no.

Having to live this life provides for us a lot of challenges and one of those challenges is taking care of one of the most important gifts we received – a body where our soul lives. Although it is appealing that we will stay young forever, the challenge of taking care of that body to extend your life on earth is much rewarding experience.

Right now, I might not have matured my muscles and bones and I could still develop them and eventually wear them out. It is more fulfilling that at the end of the day, you will die knowing that you’ve made the most of the body you have been given.

Also, there is the good side of having diseases, you learn a lot more from your life. We are taught lessons on how short one’s life can be and the importance of such life not only to you but to people around you.



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