Just Updating

Nothing much happened today.

I went home at 2 AM from play date and this morning when I woke up, I wasn’t feeling the vibe that I wanted to o to work. So, I decided to sleep in.

When it was about 9 AM, I realized that I haven’t told my superior yet. I tried to open my phone but it won’t boot so I resorted to using our online mail. She replied easily and hinted that I might need to change phones and order and iPhone as soon as possible. Great joke! So that’s what we are now? Colleagues who joke around?

Anyway, the day is spent inside the room. I was just watching my television shows and, on the alternate, sleep. It is actually one of the most relaxing days ever and now that I have decided not to play, I expect that tomorrow, I will be fully rejuvenated from the stress that I went through the whole week.


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