Daily Prompt: Flawed

The prompt said:

What is your worst quality?

I could very much well say that my worst quality is I over-analyze things. I think too much, I read too much.

This can be, in a way, helpful in solving life problems and providing advice to friends.

However, when you’re alone and you think of things that happen to you, it is almost always a sure way to be depressed and frustrated.

To me, my mind works efficiently if I know all the important bits and pieces. That is how I string thoughts together and that is where I base all of my decisions. They say that it’s okay to not have control over everything. But, that just isn’t me. I would like to have some form of control over the things I could. And being overly analytical about things will rather make me a scary control freak.

Not only that, thinking too much will create problems where none exists. It will make you assume stuff so you can continue thinking of the scenarios that run through your head.

This is what I am working on these past few days. I am trying to just work with all the information that is available to me at the time and to just live in the present.



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