I was disappointed with you yesterday. I thought you had sense and I thought that you represent everything that has to do with process improvement.

This isn’t something major but making a big deal out of this little thing is just as sinful.

You know that we forward announcements to the LAN Administrator whenever we need relay important messages to all employees. You know very well that we have a way of doing that to ensure that these announcements are sent on time and before their respective effective dates.

Not a week after our old boss left, you come here trying to do things your way.

The thing is, these announcements are already signed by higher higher higher management. And, I, as the one responsible for distribution and communication with the LAN Administrator just forwards the messages to them with the old boss copied in my email.

You know why? Because these are already approved by people who are up there. There is no need for endorsement because, as I said, they have been already approved. This sufficiently removes a lot of time in between sending them and having them forwarded to everybody’s emails.

Now, you come in and you want my supervisor endorsed them to you and you will endorse it to the LAN Administrator.


That is one of the wastes the we try to eliminate in this department – over-processing. I don’t know why the hell do you want to have these announcements endorsed by my supervisor to you and you will endorse it to the LAN Administrator. It’s not as if you can read your emails as soon as they come in. This just complicates things and increases my turnaround time.


I should have known better. I should have seen this coming.



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