Found Lunch in a Hopeless Place

Today was such a tiring and happy day.

I had to go to UP to pay for my tuition fees because, believe it or not, I forgot all about it until I received an email from the graduate office that I only have until December 8 to pay for it. Or else, I will not be considered an enrolled student.

Oops. Sorry. I seriously forgot all about it because of work and stuff.

I went to UP at around 10 AM. When I thought that I was about to finish with it, a setback happened. I had to get my father’s ID for a guarantee. I called him and asked if I could go to his office in Sta. Mesa.

What a golden opportunity.

After I was able to get the IDs, I called him because I surmised that his class is already done. We talked and agreed that we’d meet for lunch at the nearby mall. We ate at a local KFC and talked.

It’s different. We were on a different venue and we were doing a different activity. It’s kind of nice that he obliged to the request that we lunch together.

He told me that after I called, he had a lot of invitations for a lunch out.

I would have replied by asking why he is telling me this. It must be because he wanted to say that of all people who asked me out, I’m picking you. Is that it? Or am I just reading too much on it?

I chose to just brush off what he said and continued with our conversation. It was actually one of the few times he asked me about my family, what I do and my thoughts.

It was just lunch. I never had such a short lunch that made me so happy.

I continued on with the journey for the tuition fee. I finished at around 5 PM. I expected to be finished before lunch. But, I guess that things suddenly felt into place that I needed to go to Sta. Mesa and was able to invite him for lunch.

Coincidence? Could be. Luck? Definitely.


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