Relative Frustration

I was just going through Facebook when my uncle in the States messaged me this:


The roughly translates to, “hey girl, what’s new with you?”

He must have said this due to the fact that he has seen my pictures of Davao and the people I were with. Despite the fact that I do not have girly poses and pictures, he assumed some things.

I didn’t respond to this because I think that it’s rude and unbecoming of a person who is around 50 years old. I just posted on my Twitter account the following words:

You know what, if you don’t want to approach the issue in a civilized manner, I won’t talk to you.

Which is essentially true. I don’t want to talk to a person who is so close-minded and acting so childish about this issue of my sexuality. I won’t deny that I am gay but I would like to talk about it in a civilized manner. I know that biases won’t be removed but I want the conversation to be free from unruly judgment and hasty generalizations.

And, for the record, not all homosexual men want to be women. Let’s set that record straight. Okay? Pun somehow intended in that case.

Given that I did not reply to his rude message, he messaged me again:


That translates to, “you don’t have good news then go take a hike.”

I will and I will take a hike as far away from you people. Would you look at the inappropriate use of the shift button for typing. Okay, if he was a bit more nerdy, the caps lock button. Are you shouting at me? Seriously? You’d feel like I can hear you all the way from California to here?

I don’t care about what you think. I don’t care about the hell you people think about homosexual people.

I don’t want to call you my family anymore; just, relatives. I have been bullied in school and now, my own relatives do it to me. Life is so full of challenges. I think that of all the people who would understand me, it will be them. But, no, they have expectations of how the world should revolve and apparently I am an outlier in that world they want to live in.

I am so sorry that I do not follow your orders or subject myself to your whims but, unlike my cousins, I have my own free will and life decisions to make. I do not want you to make them for me because you don’t know me at all. And if this is how you want to approach the issue, I am also sorry that I will not talk to you about that unless you set yourself to be ready for a discussion.

I want a discussion and not one-sided comments of how unhelpful, ungrateful or whatever I am to you. Oh yes, I am grateful for the things you did for me. It’s just that, for now, I have lost all of my respect for you.


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