Midday Update: November 15, 2012

Currently in Starbucks and enjoying  a Toffee Nut Latte. Not only do I need the stickers, I also need the internet. And there is only one place where I can get both. Well, there is no other choice, apparently.

I just got off a lunch at Sbarro. I needed to treat myself for a job well done.

I was too afraid that I’ll be late for the interview and I was. I arrived at the building at 11:40 AM for an interview scheduled at 11 AM. The universe did conspire, though. There was traffic everywhere. You couldn’t blame me and they understood. I messaged the HR Officer at  around 10:30 AM that I will be late. I guess, it’s better to give them a heads up than leave them waiting for you to come.

Today, I got interviewed by the HR General Manager. She has the aura of Professor McGonagall. That is, she isn’t someone you would want to cross. That’s how I felt the very first time I saw her and up until a few minutes into the interview. After the few tense minutes, I learned that she’s also nice and friendly and warm. I was able to just keep talking about myself and I think she was able to get the answers that she wants to hear. She was also smiling when I try to make jokes. She also told me that despite my vision, I was childlike and fun to be with.

I guess that just validates that the interview went well. The other thing is that I am endorsed for a next level interview later today. How good does that sound? And if I don’t do well for that certain general manager, I am endorsed to another general manager. I feel so flattered and at the same time, pressured. They may like me that much to have contingencies this early!

Or so I think.

I hope that everything will go well at 3 PM. And I hope that this guy will like me too. Anyway, I have to go back to reading because I have to prepare for this all important interview. He may be the last person I need to go through to get the job. So, if there is one person that I have to impress, it’s him.


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