Davao Adventure: Day 2

1:00 AM

I wake up from all  the drunkenness that was last night. I felt the need to vomit and I went directly to the bathroom. I was successful in that endeavor and when I felt that I was at my worst, I learned that he was still awake. I asked him to call me and he did. All I heard was a reprimand that I should not drink if I cannot handle it. That was sweet, I thought. We bid each other good night.

9:00 AM

I wake up from a good night’s sleep – one of the better reasons was he called me. I shout to my friends that we should go find breakfast immediately.

10:00 AM

We leave the hotel looking for food. We walk aimlessly as we follow our sense of smell. In one of the corners, we found TAPS. It probably is the one recommended for breakfast. They have a variation of silog (fried rice and egg)  meals imaginable. They can include lechong kawali and corned beef and chorizo and the usual tapa or longganisa. The breakfast was filling and I couldn’t have it any other way.

We receive a call an our later that they have arrived at Clark International Airport.

11:30 AM

We get home and prepare ourselves for the tour of the day.

1 PM

They arrive at the hotel. We check them in and we immediately left for lunch.

The sumptuous seafood platter!

1:15 PM

We eat at the Yellow Fin Restaurant. It’s a seafood restaurant and it’s probably one of the best known in the area. We ordered a seafood platter and rice and fish laing. I must say that they have delicious rice and it is really filling. It’s like you need not order more because one serving is just enough to cover a complete meal. The seafood platter is composed of a variety of seafood. That was way obvious. It includes eel, tuna, clams and squid. The tuna tasted so good and the eel and squid aren’t rubbery. Our first meal together as a group was a blast! There are a lot of noise and name-calling. But that’s just us as friends. The service, though, is a bit slow or maybe it was the rush hour for lunch traffic. The long time to serve us our food is very noticeable.

There was a statue of David. We don’t know why.

2:30 PM

We arrive at the bay walk. The park would have been nice if it was maintained. There is clearly lack of maintenance on the part of the government. The trees are dying. There is no water in the fountain. The walkways are dirty. All the money must have gone to the People’s Park which is sad because the place is really a good venue to unwind and just relax. Here, you have a good view of the sea and the breeze is just heavenly.

3:00 PM

We arrive at Lola Abon’s place. If you want to buy candies for your loved ones, this is the place to be. They have a lot of experimental stuff with durian candy like durian-pandan and durian-mango and durian-chocolate. There are assortment of durian food stuff too like ice cream and bars and pastillas and yema. They also have langka and mangosteen variants.

The entrance to the eagle conservatory.

4:00 PM

It was a long ride to the Philippine Eagle Center. The venue is located at the Davao-Bukidnon Highway is already part of the mountainous part of Davao. They have a water treatment complex inside the compound which was a bit ironic because there aren’t really water to be found. I wish that they would also fund for the maintenance of the place because it’s such a waste that the venue looks old and neglected. The area is cool because it’s in the mountains. There are a lot of trees and might be able to garner a lot more tourists if it was upgraded.

We didn’t enter the conservatory itself because of the high entrance fee and we were able to see the eagles even if we’re not in. One of our friends decided to take a picture with an albino snake. I don’t really know if it is albino or it is just its natural color.

The monkey cage.

5:00 PM

The Japanese Tunnel is one of the historical parts of Davao. It is the hideout of the Japanese during the revolution of 1945. The date may be variable to 1-2 years because I didn’t really get to hear the exact one. It has a Buddha which was probably worshipped by the Japanese during those times. It also has the monkey cage which is used as prison for captured Filipinos. It has a wishing vault where all the old and vintage weapons are displayed. It’s a bit short but they’re creating a longer one that will end at the Philippine Eagle Center. I hope that when I come back that trek will be available.

We tried to cram ourselves into the monkey cage. The guide said that 5-6 Filipinos are put into the cage when they are caught. I realized that my height is not of the normal Filipino during that time. They also have life-sized Japanese soldiers inside and I must tell you that they aren’t tall.

The tribe that is obsessed with fire.

6:00 PM

The Crocodile Park was about to close when we arrived. But, we were lucky enough that the Tribal Dance Troupe still has one more performance to show. What fun. I call them the fire-obsessed tribe of Mindanao because everything they did included fire. I am at awe with the effects of the materials they have especially when the night is suddenly falling on us. I must say that the guys were a lot better than the girls when it comes to showmanship. They have made fire-dancing look easy or easy enough.

We also went into the Crocodile Park itself and was sad that they couldn’t open the lights for us. So we just accepted the fact that we will be seeing the crocodiles in the dark. There were other animals inside like snakes and deer and lizards. There were also different kinds of birds.

Dinner on the side of a cliff.

8:00 PM

We were just all hungry by the time we ended the tour of the park. So, we asked our driver to bring us to Jack’s Ridge. Jack’s Ridge is like a group of establishments on a hill that overlooks that city. We weren’t disappointed when we saw the venue and the restaurants that make up the compound. We decided to eat at Taklobo as it was recommended by our driver.

The place is nice. The wind is chilly. The restaurant is big and you’d realize that there are really a lot people eating there. Despite that number of people, their service is a bit fast. They have great iced tea. Their sinigang is really sour which is a good thing. Everything seems to be cooked perfectly, especially the chicken. My only comment, though, is that the sisig seemed to be made of onions more than pork. That was my only complaint.

Dinner was really nice. Even though we were all tired from the travel and exploring of the day, we still had the energy to enjoy each other’s company. Also, at the end of the meal, we decided to do something nice for our driver and we bought him a sandwich as a thank you.

10:00 PM

We arrive back at the hotel and say thank you to our driver. The gang wanted to go out to drink so all prepared ourselves.

11:00 PM

Apparently, people wanted to take a bath so it took a long time before we were able to get out of the hotel. We decided to go to Nobi’s which was beside Yellow Fin. There was a live band and the girl was just so good. We wanted for her to sing a lot more songs because we only heard her sing once. Unfortunately, it was the boy’s turn. We didn’t have much complaints too as he also has a soothing and relaxing voice.

Learning from the experience of the night before, I swore that I wouldn’t drink much beyond my normal tolerance. We ordered Tanduay Ice. I thought that I will be able to handle it but by the middle of the night, I was striking my head because I was getting headaches.

Plus, a friend told me that my special friend misses me. I don’t believe what I just heard.


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