Chinese: Kanzhu

Kanzhu: Hand-pulled Noodles

We decided to try the newly-opened restaurant across the street from the McDonald’s that we usually hang-out in.

Kanzhu is a Chinese restaurants that serves a variety of noodles and rice meals. They also serve tea beverages infused with essences of different fruits and fruit combinations. I don’t really like Chinese food except for the usual noodles cooked at home and siomai. Surprising, though, that for a Chinese restaurant, they do not serve free tea for their customers.

Lamb and Noodles

They provide diners with broth which has a strong taste of anise. I ordered a meal of lamb and noodles. I am pleasantly surprised at the taste of the meat and of the sauce. This is something you don’t taste everyday. Plus, the noodles are cooked al dente. I do not know how the Chinese describe the perfect noodles but if this was Italian pasta, it was al dente.

It must have been because the chefs prepare the noodles as they are ordered instead of just preparing a lot beforehand. You can actually see them prepare the noodles because the kitchen has a big glass panel that shows how they cook the meals.

We also ordered braised beef and beef tendon with noodles. They taste almost exactly the same except for the meat that they contain. It must be because they are both beef?

The food is of great quality. Their serving is big. The meal I ordered was shared between us four diners. I like their tastes. I cannot, however, prove the authenticity of the Chinese flavors because I am not an expert at Chinese food. I am surprisingly pleased with our dinner. As for the service, they have fast delivery of orders, the waiters are really helpful and courteous. Given that my father is a fan of Chinese cuisine, I might bring him here some time.

Green Apple flavor on Jasmine Tea

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