Halloween in the Office

The past few work days have been really busy. Today was the company’s Halloween celebration and we have the annual workplace design contest. I must say that the unit I belong too participates in it annually.

Last Thursday, we went home at around 10 PM just to finish stuff for our work place design. However, I don’t think that it was enough head start having the date of the competition itself in mind.

It was also natural that we had to stay after work yesterday. We went home at 12 midnight. The challenge was that we had to go to work at 7 AM to prepare for the 9 AM judging.

What irks me is that some people wanted to participate but never fully commit to the competition. They can’t just rely on the young ones to do everything. On the two nights that I had to stay late at work, there were 4 people who were consistently there. I am not happy about staying that late at work when I should have time to sleep and rest after a tiresome day at work.

Next year, if ever they want to participate, we have to ask who are really willing to spend time and energy to do what needs to be done. It can’t be us again. Why are we the only ones willing to sacrifice their personal time for an endeavor that they wanted us to tackle as a group?

This morning, I was so not in my element that I forgot all the important things for today at home. Everything just piled up and I can’t help but feel sorry for myself.

Good thing that my own project for the workplace design was a success. I shudder think that if it turned out as wreck, I’d have to kill myself.

The clouds that look like teeth.



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