Here Comes a Loss

I should have guessed.

I lost today. It was not in the sports kind of way. It was not in terms of money. It wasn’t the type that you could bring back.

The ultimate boss decided to move to a better future.

I should have guessed.

She told us that we will have a quick meeting at the end of the day. I should have known. I should have seen the signs. The thing is, there weren’t signs at all. How could this have happened.

Everybody was dumbfounded at 4:50 PM in the conference room we were in. I looked at the time because I wanted it to stop there. I wanted her to take it back and say that it was all a joke. Before that moment, we were actually joking about sending one of our officers to the other department where people is considered a scarce resource.

She said that she will be moving into a new position – Country Head for Finance. I guess it is understandable. She is currently an assistant vice-president; being a country head could mean a lot more responsibility, a lot more fulfillment and a lot more satisfying. Who could blame her? She will also be back to where she started. She is, first and foremost, a CPA. It’s like being back in your home turf after a very long journey of discovering opportunities.

After she relayed the news to us, I was a bit quiet. I was actually a bit blank and apathetic. I was thinking that it was just a natural cycle in the corporate world. People come, people go. The best people gets head hunted by the best companies. However, it was the after shock that made me come to my senses.

I don’t think that I will probably like the one who will replace her.

I don’t think that I will enjoy working as much as enjoy working now.

I don’t think that someone can ever replace her as the best boss one could ever have.

I don’t think that they can come up with someone who is half as better as she is.

She is the best boss one could ask for. She is a cheery person. She is jovial. She knows how to make people work as a team. She set us in the right direction. She can be critical but not in the scary sense. She can be a friend. She knows how to make people going. She is our cheerleader. She is our poster girl.

I do hope that she’ll be happy with wherever she’s going. I do hope that I could work with her again. I know that she believes in each one of us. She pushes us to our limits and opens the path to exceed those limits.

Now, I know what I feel. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me – a very important part.

When we were on our way home, I saw my notifications in FaceBook. She liked my status message early this morning. It said:

There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.

Maybe, this was the sign she was looking for the entire time. Maybe, this was her cue to accept that offer. Or not. Still, if I saw this earlier, it would have meant a big deal. I would have saw that these things were coming.

To my ultimate boss, good luck. I bid you well and I hope you find your new position satisfying and fulfilling. I will definitely miss you.


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