The Cost of a Million Bucks: Weak Powers of Deduction

Surabaya, Indonesia is the starting line for this leg of the race.

The teams are starting this leg from where they last checked in, the Pabean Market. Their first clue had them go to the Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant for the Roadblock. This roadblock required the teams to serve a group’s order of 20 dishes all at once. If ever they dropped at least one dish, they’d have to start over. It didn’t seem that the contestants struggled with the task. Most people were able to do it in just one try.

The first ones to leave the pit stop were lost on their way to the restaurant and lost a great amount of time. This caused them to miss the train as instructed in the next route info. They were to go to Bangil by train. This also meant that the teams at the bottom of the pack kept up with them and now they are fighting for their survival. After this point, the show would be divided into the tasks by the first set of teams then by the last set of teams.

The Detour was a choice between two Indonesian traditions: Lion’s Head and Egg Head. Lion’s Head made the teams participate in a local Reog Penogro dance which required them to wear a lion headdress that weighs a lot. In Egg Head, they had to find a stall in the market and gather 4 eggs which are to be cooked on a make-shift fire that are placed on their heads. After, they would have to be eaten with hot sauce. I think that these are important to the local culture as opposed to the tasks of last week’s show.

On this leg, there is a Blind UTurn after the Detour. To the non-follower of the show, the UTurn requires the UTurned contestants to do both sides of the Detour. Given that it’s a Blind UTurn, the UTurned team will not see who UTurned them. The teams on the first train agreed to not use the UTurn because they are clearly in front of the pack. This is actually a good decision because they might need to use it if a UTurn is present in the future and that the teams are just close in terms of standings.

After the UTurn, teams are instructed to go to the pit stop for this leg of the race – SMA Negeri 1 High School. It is supposed to be the best high school in Bangil.

SMA Negeri 1 High School as the pit stop for this leg of the race.

The reason why the team got eliminated is because they couldn’t find the UTurn mat in time. The instruction to the mat said that they go to Perliman Pos. I where Dorang, Cucut, Hui and Musing meets. They didn’t get that it’s a big intersection of sorts. They just went all over the park and places in between. The UTurned team actually caught up with them and it as a race to the finish.

Their reason was that the country does not have enough English speakers. I think if they only used the locals to their advantage, they would have made it. They could show the clue and I think that people can understand simple English when spoken in a slow and calm manner. They are not the best team in the race but I’d rather watch them than a team who claims that they are solid fans of they show and yet have not shown any sign of brilliance.


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