Exhaustion and Lack of Sleep

I just got out of  a possible 17 hours of sleep. That should have been 18 hours but I took a short break to watch the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model.

Saturday morning, I went to Karen’s house at 10 AM. I was up early at around 7 AM because I slept early the night before. I was actually surprised. We just talked and didn’t realize the time. The talk was about how our lives are and what are our plans for the future.

We also talked about why I wasn’t present during our high school hang out sessions. To tell you quite frankly, the closest I am to a barkada is our ‘academic group’ in high school. We had a lot of group work in our 4th year and we were almost always group mates. The others are just friends of friends. We were always together then. We celebrated Christmas, each others’ birthdays and other special occasions. Lately, I have not been present but I promise to be back.

Time wasn’t on our side but it was nice to talk to Karen again. I hope I helped in her rise from depression.

At 1:30 PM, I have a scheduled game at Ateneo. It’s the annual Trimeet competitions. It involves the three schools of AIMES – Ateneo, La Salle and UP. It was a bit unbalanced because there were university varsity players on the side of Ateneo. But, the fact that we were able to keep close was a good sign. We were fighting for survival as we need to get to the top 4 to advance to the semifinals. We’re hoping that the Ateneo teams will beat the La Salle teams so that we will have an outside chance of making it.

We left Ateneo at 7PM and eat a quick dinner at Jollibee. I then texted Lucky where he is and asked if I can drop by his house before the game. We met and went to the Marikina Sports Complex earlier than usual. Having a good game at Ateneo before this game, I was ready. I actually had two good games in one day. Isn’t that nice. I did have a good night, in general.

After the game, we did have a mini hang out session in the nearby McDonald’s. It was, as usual, fun. That ended at around 4:30 AM.

I couldn’t blame myself if I wanted to sleep. Although, I stayed awake just so I can attend the 7:30 AM mass. After the mass, I cleaned my room for a bit and made plans with my sisters to watch Vice Ganda’s movie. I said that I’ll just take a nap at around 10 AM and it was straight to the end of the day.

It was exhaustion and lack of sleep that triggered that long sleep. I needed my Prince Philip to wake my from that slumber. Sadly, no one was available.


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