For a Change

It’s nice to be needed for a change.

Last night, Karen, one of my good friends from high school, messaged me on FaceBook. She was asking if I will be doing anything today. I said that I have an event in Ateneo to attend. She said that she needed to talk to a good friend.

I think that she has some personal problem that she wants to share to somebody. Apparently, I am available.

I never had that moment. The one where a friend will come to you, talk to you about their problem and, probably, heed your advice. It has always been me giving unsolicited advice to people and the talk will start from there.

I have longed for the day when I will have that kind of friend. The one who you can invite to go out and talk. Despite me saying that I like adventure, I do not always go out of the house. In fact, I love my room so much that if I am not in the office  or be somewhere I need to be, I just stay inside my room. At times, I even eat dinner / lunch inside my room.

That is how I isolated myself.

Lately, I have been turning a lot of new leaves. I have been trying to go out and just hang. I am far from being the perfect friend but I try as hard to be someone people can depend on. I have been so accustomed to putting myself first. I think it’s time that I let other people be the priority.


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