Win Some. Lose Some.

Last Tuesday night, we went to Eastwood City to celebrate Erwin’s birthday.

I was giddy and excited not because it involves food but because I get to spend another evening with my high school and volleyball friends.

I love spending time with them because I get to be myself. When I am with them, I do not prevent myself from participating in the conversation because most often than not, I just sit down and listen. I actually have a role in this group. I am the one who is brutally honest and, almost always, the voice of reason. So, if someone needs a reality check or a tongue-lashing of some sort, they come to me. I am not the most experienced but I give good love advice which I hope to apply when my time comes.

I like being around them because I feel like I am funny, I am heard, and most of all, respected. I do get that some of these people see me as someone who is so strict but I get to prove that I am fun-loving as well.

They make me contradict myself. Silent but boisterous. Prim but clumsy. Snob but friendly. Most importantly, I now have people I can share secrets with and not have the feeling that I am being judged instantly.

Despite the fact that we had a very good night, when it was to go, I realized that I lost my wallet. I was silenced at that point. I thought that I wanted to cry but I wouldn’t want to ruin the night. It was actually heartwarming that my friends are actually more concerned about the wallet than me.

We tried to retrace my steps which led me to the park in front of Eastwood Mall. As expected, the wallet isn’t there. It has been almost 3 hours since we left that area. I went to the guard on duty and told me that they’d call if there has been a turnover of the said wallet.

That time, I was thinking if this is life on its wheel. One time, you’re really happy and jovial then it will suddenly hit you. Could it be life or just a result of my own doing. It was bound to happen given that my pocket isn’t the best place to put my wallet.

One thing is for sure, some sweet boy thought of lending me money (without me asking) even if we don’t really know each other well. I know for a fact that a person like that is quite a catch.

I won some. I lost some. But, I definitely won big on that one.



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