Italian: Bigoli

In this area of Eastwood once stood a great Italian restaurant. I forgot their former name but they are now known as Bigoli. I actually heard Bigoli because they had a promo for unlimited pizza over a certain window in their operating hours.

We ate here on the suggestion of one of our friends. It’s our friend’s birthday and he wanted to celebrate it with the closest of his friends.

One of the best things about this restaurant is their unlimited garlic sticks which are really good. They have hints of garlic but is not so strong that it will affect the smell of your breath. The bread is soft and tasty.

Pesto with Garlic Glazed Chicken

Pesto is one of my favorite pasta dishes because of the simplicity of its ingredients. To say the least, this pasta is cooked al dente. I loved how they make the pesto because the basil were just of the correct size and the nuts provided the much-needed crunch. The pasta isn’t too oily because some restaurants tend to make the pasta swim in olive oil. The serving size, too, was just enough for one. It will be able to fill you but not so much that you wouldn’t want to eat the chicken that comes with it.

On to the chicken! The thing with chicken is, I separate the skin from the meat. I eat the meat first then the skin. That’s how I do chicken. Their chicken is moist and the meat separates from the bone easily. The meat also acquired the taste from the skin which is a rarity in most restaurants. They just settled for the moist and juicy part. However, the skin is too salty to consumed by itself. And for the fact that I have two “sets” of chicken skin to eat made me want to just go into the sea and opened my mouth. That activity has the same effect as eating the skin on its own. The good thing, on the other hand, is that the two chicken parts / servings are enough to complete the meal and leave you full.

Given that both components of the dish are salty, you don’t get the feeling of umay after the meal. Umay is the Tagalog term for the lingering feeling of salt in your mouth that you want something sweet. Umay‘s English translation is ‘tired of’ or ‘fed up’.After all, you get to drown yourself in a bottomless glass of soda or orange juice or iced tea.

Since it was my friend’s birthday we asked if they can do something for him.

Caramel Something Something Cheesecake

And do something for him, they did. Some of their wait staff put on these crazy head gears, brought this cheesecake to our table and sang him a Happy Birthday. I will honestly say that I sang louder and more energetic than any of them. They must be too forced to try to be happy for someone who’s celebrating his birthday.

Anyway, they gave us a free slice of cheesecake. Being a fan of cheesecake and all, I was excited to taste this. The combination of the ingredients was actually nice. Although, the crust could be just a little thicker and the caramel a little more than what was available. The cheesecake had a little too much cream in it because of its texture. The sweetness was just right. The chocolate chip toppings provided most of the sweet taste while there was a remarkable cheese-taste from the cheesecake. Yes, state the obvious is the name of the game.

All in all the dining experience for Bigoli in Eastwood City is just as fantastic as I expected it to be. Separating my emotional bias because of the company I was with, I wouldn’t mind dining in this restaurant and experience the usual Italian cuisine stereotype.


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