Cubao Banchetto Experience

Last Saturday night, there was a volleyball game. I was not supposed to play. I got forced to because there weren’t many people at first. But, as the night went on, I could not stop myself anymore.

One of our friends, Joshua, invited us to go to Banchetto after the game. Banchetto is an overnight food fiesta located at different parts of the metro. It’s first ever fiesta was held at Ortigas along Emerald Road. It was so successful that they decided to bring it to other places like Cubao, Libis and The Fort.
However, for a fiesta, the place isn’t so festive. There weren’t a lot of of choices. It was just a strip of road that offers the same old barbeque and grilled meat – liempo, chicken barbeque, tapsilog, sisig. The only things different were the long sandwiches, pizza and pasta from Sbarro.

The usual suspects.

I didn’t know if it was our timing that limited our choices. We went there at around 2AM already and there weren’t many stores left open. For an overnight fiesta, 2AM is still too early. They should have a lot more stuff placed on their tables.

The only thing that saved it for me was the fruit shake stall. Their shakes were smooth. It has jelly and chopped fruit as toppings. The combination of all the ingredients was great!

All in all, I do not consider this a great Banchetto experience. We should’ve went to Mezza Norte instead. Also, I might try the Banchetto in Libis every Tuesday night. I just need to find myself a companion. If not for the company, this experience would have totally sucked.


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