The First Meeting

We have been talking for a week now and throughout that week we managed to talk about a lot of things.

It’s his finals week right now and a lot of other activities are scheduled. We have decided to meet up last Saturday after one of his exams. I was supposed to spend the night.

It’s kind of a celebratory thing, I guess.

After I went to my check-up, I went to their apartment. There we cuddled and talked. After a while, we decided to eat dinner.

During dinner, he informed me that at around some time later his friends will pick him up to go to Ateneo’s bonfire celebration.

That just ruined everything for me.

I thought we’re going to spend the night together. I just couldn’t believe the fact that he had plans and made plans with me. I would’ve understood that we’re just going to meet for a short while and go home after. But, we agreed on me spending the night. That was it.

I must admit that I expected a lot from it being that it’s our first meeting and all. It was not how I wanted it to end. It was not how I envisioned it to be.

In the end, I was disappointed. I knew that he knew, I wouldn’t take that against him. But my mood just rolled down the hill into a deep abyss where I could not pick myself up.


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