In a Different Realm

Today, I woke up like I am in another realm. I opened my eyes at around 11AM and felt like I was alone in the house. My head was spinning and I thought that I needed coffee to wake me up. The house is too quiet. It has been a long time since that happened. I found out that I only have my sister and my aunt in the house. Not much talk is going on. It’s weird but I like it.

I immediately scavenged for food and found noodles on the dining table. I didn’t hesitate to get a bowl full of it as I was as hungry as a horse. And then I opened my laptop.

I don’t even remember what happened between that and the moment I left the house to go to UP.

I went to UP for Round 2 of my Medical Assessment for Admission into the university. To refresh your mind, there was a finding last semester that did not permit me to enroll into graduate school. From then, I sent a letter to the university to defer my application to the second semester. Now, I went back to the doctor who gave me the assessment and told me to get the clearance I needed from my doctor. After I submit the clearance shall they tell my what to do next.

I will be back to the doctor tomorrow to get the said clearance and for my monthly check-up.

Before I come home, I dropped by Fully Booked in Katipunan. The last time I was in Fully Booked, I refused to buy the signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars. This time, I gave in. It’s a signed copy too so it must be bought. I was lucky enough because the staff said that it was the very last copy of the book.

It must have been destiny.

The Fault in Our Stars

Now, I have three books on my pending list. That isn’t too bad.

When I arrived home, I opened my laptop to work on my Coursera class. I listened to the lectures and then answered my homework. I didn’t get a perfect score but I swear that I’ll do better next time.

Then, I decided to not go to the game today. I would just like to rest and watch my television shows because I thought that tomorrow will be Sunday. See, I knew I was in a different realm today.


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