October really is my favorite month and I have a lot of biases towards in. Since we’re almost at the middle of October, I have yet to arrive at the office past 8:15 AM. On the other months, my usual arrival will be between 8:20 – 8:40 AM. It seems like I can almost always get out of bed at 5:00 AM to prepare for work.

I know that the other months will be jealous when I say that in the office, I am most productive at the month of October. It’s like I don’t even have idle time anymore. I go to meetings more, submit more documents and finish tasks earlier or on time.

In essence, that’s what we do as people, right? We give biases and our actions are based on such.

How many times did we choose to help a friend over another person regardless of the weight of help being needed? How many times did we not attend class just because we were invited to go out? Aren’t our choices based on our personal judgment? Isn’t that what bias is all about.

Maybe what I am doing is not bias. Maybe I am just trying to be a better employee.

Maybe I cannot really categorize my current actions at work right now because bias may not be the correct term nor is turning over a new leaf. In a way, they can be interchangeable based on how you look at things.

Oh, we’ll be running circles around all day if we go into the subject of perspective. After all, nothing’s really absolute except, they say, death and taxes.


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