A Bust in Employee Relations

I must be honest that I am currently not happy here. I don’t really get the culture. And through my spider senses, I feel like you don’t get to the top if you don’t get hold of something that is already on top. Tenure is the measure of your strength as an employee and they take care of the executives more than the lesser employees.

The question is, who compromise most of the company’s working population? The regular employees. Who does most of the job? The regular employees.

I am a regular employee and I don’t feel like I am under good hands. I don’t like the way I feel about this. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished something even if I actually accomplished something.

Yesterday, I received an email that contained an invitation to work for another company. ¬†Initially, I must say that I was interested since the job position is almost the same as what I am doing here. The challenge of transferring to that company wouldn’t be as heavy if I were to occupy a job position that covers an entirely different scope.

However, the question is would the benefits of the other company be better than the benefits I have here?

That was the lingering question in my mind. Given that the benefits would be better, I would, without thinking twice, consider the invitation and go through the hiring process. If not, then, I would just have to wait until a better opportunity comes along.

I think there is a flaw in the HR management of this company. Wouldn’t you be alarmed if people are resigning every where? And these people are being recruited by your competitors? How do you expect to compete with the best in the business when the best of your people suddenly decided to transfer to another company? How do you expect your employees to be great when you don’t do your part in taking care of them?

I have noticed that this company does employee relations program that cater to the limited few, that the participants are a select group of people, that doesn’t really make people feel like they belong. As employees, we need more than the monetary benefits to be satisfied in a job. We need a feeling like we’re needed, we’re important and we’re contributing to a company’s over-all well-being.

Remember, a happy worker is a productive worker. And right now, I am so not productive.


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