Of Book Choices and Company Culture

October was the designated month for gift-giving by the company. And, given that circumstance there is a mini book fare that is happening at the lobby of the building. The books does not actually come cheap because the featured book store is Best Sellers by National Book Store. They do have a discount of 10% and part of the proceeds will go to some institution that I forgot about.

Last week, Sam and I had a book-buying frenzy. I bought The Casual Vacancy and the first book in Micheal Scott’s series The Secrets of the Immortals.

However, this entry covers a different story.

While the book fare is ongoing, the organizers decided to release company-wide announcements that features the executives and their chosen books. It would have been nice if only they were realistic. I am under the impression that these executives hold their position for a reason. I was expecting that they would have given thought and wisdom into their examples and choices. I wanted them to pick books that had a lot more meaning than what they look like.

There were a total of 5 released announcement so far. And their choices have been:

  • The Little Prince
  • The Bible
  • Buyology
  • Three Little Pigs
  • I do not have a particular book in mind.

Are you kidding me? Is this the kind of example you want to give your employees? It’s like saying “I am so busy that I will just give whatever that comes to mind.” Buyology is actually a nice choice and very fitting for the executive that gave that example. It complements his job and the extent of the units working under him.

Hello. They are the executives and people look to them for guidance and they will give shit like this? Why don’t you go assess yourself and think of something worthwhile to say. It’s not enough that you give these book titles without having to go into the deeper meaning of things.

One reason says that the book is something that has been around for ages. What happened to our strive of challenging the norm? What happened to our vision of going beyond the standard? If we’re picking up books just because they’re there then what does that tell us about our efforts for continuous improvement?

I may be reading too much on it but that is the impression that it left me. And, if I saw it that way, I don’t think that I am alone in that thought. Actually, if they interviewed our unit they would have received a bit more interesting book choices. I know that our unit is filled with voracious readers and we can do better than Three Little Pigs or The Little Prince.


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