That Obligatory Birthday Post

Happy 24th Birthday

Yes, it’s a poor attempt at a word art for my birthday.

Anyway, happy 24th birthday to me. I was born on this day at around 3:00 AM to parents who have been waiting for a boy after 3 consecutive girls. Little did they know that their dreams will come true. They have been praying to the Shrine of the Divine Mercy for this miracle and, hey, they got me.

That’s why my grandfather suggested that I be named Jodimer which stands for Jesus our Divine Mercy. Creative, see?

I woke up early today because I have to catch the 6 AM mass at the nearby parish. Having said that, I should be taking a bath but I ill just have to finish this obligatory post. This may be a double standard but I have to go back to church to acknowledge the Higher Power for all the blessings and challenges He gave me for the past year. I know that I have conflict with the church right now. But, it’s like having a fight with your parents about something; you don’t talk to them about it but still you thank them for what they give you.

That’s all. No expectations for today. I’ll live it just like it’s an ordinary day but people who will make it special are especially welcome.


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