Good Coincidence, Too

Good morning!

I had a really long sleep because by the time 9 PM came, I was too sleepy. I did not try to fight it because I really didn’t have anything to do.

Yesterday was a great day for work. I felt so productive. Actually, this week has been. I do hope that I do not eel burned out from working too hard, though. Honestly, that wasn’t too hard, I think that I was just working at a normal rate.

I think that I’m doing well with my most recent project. We’re almost done with the whole of the manual and we’re just tinkering with some of the kinks to ensure that we’re spot on with what’s happening. We’re targeting the second week of October to finalize. I know that we can do it because we’re so close to the finish line. And, I want this to be a highlight for October. So that I will have another trophy for my trophy case.

In the late afternoon, I asked Sam if she wanted to go to the Book Sale event at the lobby of the building. It’s for a nice cause, too. They’re going to donate some of the proceeds to a charity organization. Now, isn’t that nice? You get to read your books and you get to help others as well. So, I didn’t mind buying books.

My new books are The Casual Vacancy and The Alchemyst

I have J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy and the first of the series by Michael Scott, The Alchemyst.

I am so excited. It has good timing, too, because I am suddenly out of books to read. Sam warned me about a boxed set of The Secrets of the Immortals. I said that I’ll start with The Casual Vacancy first so that I may return The Alchemyst if ever the sale will have a boxed set today.


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