I wake up in the middle of the night. I hear the rain pounding on our roof. I wanted to declare to myself that I will not be going to work today. If I only had that power. The cold temperature made it very hard for me to process that today is Tuesday and I should be getting my butt out of my bed and prepare for work.

I checked my twitter feed first before officially waking up. Darn, the kids do not have class today. Some other school does not have class today. Why can’t I be a student again so that I may have a chance to not have a class today?

My headaches, I think. My body aches, I think. I might have a fever, I try to convince myself. But no amount of convincing took away the fact that I am perfectly healthy and that I have to go to work today.

I finally get my ass of the bed after 30 minutes of thinking. Breakfast is served at the table and I immediately sat down and ate. This would’ve been nice if I didn’t have work today. However, the rain suddenly stopped.

Groan. That was my cue.

I had to move faster because I should expect a long line at the terminal. I should expect heavy traffic on the way to the office. I should expect a lot of hassle in the commute. But, none of that happened. The only hassle that came my way was I forgot my wallet at home. And, that, I realized when I was about to pay for my fare at the terminal. That was it.

Someone or something really wanted my in the office today. I wonder why.


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