Waking Up at the End of September

September is off to a close and I can't help but think about how fast this month has been. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were happily basking in the long weekends of August. Now, it's turned out to be my birthday month. 

That soon? Really?

This September, I learned that I could very much handle GSM Blue which is hard liquor as opposed to San Miguel Beer. How is that even possible? Even my blood tolerance wanted something hard to deal with. Aren't we being a little too competitive in life? That we want to tackle things that are harder? What does this say about me?

I am weird. That is. I also had my first drunk hot seat ever. It's hard. You get caught up with a question and you cannot help but answer honestly. Well, that's still me even if I am not drunk. You just give me the correct intriguing question and you'll certainly know the answer. September has also been a witness to me confessing that I like a person in front of him. I usually do that through digital means of communication. That is how hard-ass I am. 

September has been awfully fun in weird ways.September was also the month I realized how I very much like my current group of friends. I know that it's weird because we were high school classmates and yet we were never this close then. I like how I feel when I am with them. I like that I am myself when I am with them. I have nothing to hide and I am not ashamed about what I do.

It's such a great feeling when you have realized what great a certain time frame has been. However, this only gives added pressure to the next month especially when it's your birth month.


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