Last night was another play night. There were just 15 people who came to the game. I went to the game just thinking about having a good time and not being my competitive self.

I played all positions except for the setter. I tried my hand at beig an open spiker. However, as I am a left-handed person, I had a hard time adjusting to sets from my right. It's like I cannot control my arm swing and hand movement when spiking from the left side of the court. In the end, I only managed to get two points from my stint in the open spiker position. I guess, the major factor for this situation is for the setter to acknowledge the type of set the works well for me and that is a high set to the outside.

I also played middle attacked because majority of my team mates are small. Not to take anything away from them but we need to block the other team's attacks. And, I am just the right person – tall and can block. But, the real problem for me in the middle is that the sets are usually for the right-handed players. They almost always forgets to give the ball to my left hand. I always end up adjusting to their sets. That way, I don't ask them to give a differential set to the middle; instead, they give me a higher one so that I can adjust accordingly. It's very hard to adjust during flight especially when I do not have the hang time to do that.

The best place tat I was in last night was when I was a utility spiker. I love that side of the court. It's like nobody can read what I will do. And also, I do not have a hard time adjusting to sets may it be short or away from the net. I can also do a variety of shots – off-speed, drop, down the line and crosscourt. The right side of the court is the only place I can do that. Also, in terms of blocking, I am a lot more effective when I come from the right. I get a better  judgment of where the ball will pass through.

I must also say that my recception and digging last time was impeccable. I do not have a lot faults. Maybe that's one of the better results of playing relaxed and happy. Despite winning only half of the sets we played, I am not at all frustrated nor disappointed.


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